Biografie (van Debauchery FB)

Welcome to the World of Blood Gods. DEBAUCHERY has always been something unique. Some people missed the point. They can fuck off. For all other Metal Heads there`s the new album FUCK HUMANITY. Death Metal in your face. As always recorded by Dennis Ward (Krokus, Unisonic), with a cover-artwork by Fantasy legend Adrian Smith. 10 songs full of violence and bloodshed, in addition one ballad and one intro track.
The lyrics are about the monsters and dragonbeasts of the World of Blood Gods – the DEBAUCHERY background world – and the warriors of Warhammer 40k.

For all real DEBAUCHERY freaks there`s a limited 3 CD edition of the new album. Including a bonus disc with BLOOD GOD versions of some new songs and a Judas Priest Painkiller cover-track. And another bonus disc with some of the new tracks and two classics (Töten Verkrüppeln Verbrennen & Blut für den Blutgott) in the BALGEROTH version in German!

The new album made it to number 48 in the official German album charts. Live you can check out the shows of the upcoming FUCK HUMANITY tour in autumn. Blood for the Blood God. The German Warmachine continues to kill.